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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Anybody can give a complaint or pass information to the Anti Corruption Bureau.

You can contact your nearest Anti Corruption Bureau official in person or through telephone (Telephone Directory). You can also send email to the Anti Corruption Bureau at [director [dot] vigilance [at] jk [dot] gov [dot] in ] 


Complaints have to be given in writing. However, information can be passed in other ways also, for example, through phone, post, e-mail, or by personally approaching Anti Corruption Bureau Officials.

Identity of the Complainant will be kept confidential.

The complainant will be rewarded suitably depending on the merits of the case.


Vigilance clearance in respect of any Govt. employee means that they do not figure adversely in the records of the Anti Corruption Bureau. It is required for issue of passports, promotions and deputations within and outside the State, foreign tours etc.

All complaints of corruption and bribery against Government servants and their private accomplices.

The concept of Departmental Vigilance Officer (DVO) was introduced vide Govt. Order No. GAD-12/1994 dated 22.02.1994. DVO helps the Head of the Department in checking corruption and corrupt practices within the Department. The Departmental Vigilance Officer is link between the Anti Corruption Bureau and the Department. He has to carry out Departmental verifications sent to him by the Anti Corruption Bureau. In fact, he is the in-charge of internal vigilance of the Department at the State, Divisional or District level as the case may be.




Call us to report bribe/ corruption or WhatsApp our Helpline No. +91-9419678060
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We value all our stakeholders.

If you have any grievance or complaint, please contact us and provide complete details.

Identity of the Complainant will be kept confidential and could be rewarded suitably depending on the merits of the case.



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Call Toll Free Helpline: 1800 180 7152

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